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IJ355_IJ375 carton coder

Are expensive labels, pre-printed
boxes or wasted ink driving up your
production costs?

The Linx IJ355 and IJ375 high definition
printers represent the most efficient method
to code cases. The cost of coding each case is
greatly reduced, while line uptime and print
quality are optimised.
The printers’ innovative ReFRESH® system
proactively maintains print quality while
ensuring every drop of purged ink is recycled
back into the printer, enabling you to code
more and save more.
The robust nozzle protection system maintains
the printhead in optimum condition, minimising
production downtime and ensuring maximum
reliability for your production line.
Reduce Production Costs
• Lowest running costs with the innovative
ReFRESH system – ensures every drop of
ink is used for printing
• ReFRESH operates automatically, reducing
manual intervention which increases line
• No expensive labels or ribbons to buy, no
need for pre-printed boxes
• Instant change of message size and content –
no more wasted labels and pre-printed boxes
Reliability and Quality
• Print quality maintained by the ReFRESH
• Robust nozzle protection for optimum
• High resolution (180dpi) printing for
sharp graphics and text

Easy to Use
• Colour touch screen interface with quickglance
status recognition
•WYSIWYG print preview and icon driven
message selection
• Simple mess-free ink change whilst printing
Error-Free Coding
• Configurable message fields to prevent
incorrectly entered data
• Controlled operator user levels for
elimination of coding mistakes
•Trouble-free message creation with
CLARiSOFT® software, allowing central
control of code content
• Compatible with CLARiNET® networking
and integration

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