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Linx 7300 provides puppy power for Andrex promotion

The Linx 7300 continuous ink jet printer is helping buyers of the UK’s favourite toilet tissue clock up their ‘puppy points’.

Two Linx 7300s have been installed at Parkside Flexibles in Normanton, West Yorkshire, to print unique random numbers (URNs or unique codes) on to packs of Andrex® toilet tissue.

The Linx 7300’s ability to cope with printing up to 1300 items per minute, on a production line moving at 5 metres per second, was key to Parkside Flexibles selecting Linx over rival printers.

Flexographic printing specialist Parkside is also using Linx Black ultra-fast drying ink 1405 to code onto a range of PE films. The unique codes being printed feature up to 16 digits. Andrex® ‘Puppy Points®’ codes are printed onto special promotional packs, and the points can be redeemed online by consumers for other goods.

The unique, highly secure code solution was provided by Hive, a company at the cutting edge of a new era in customer relationship management.   Through its data platform, Hive tailors bespoke programmes to drive cost-effective marketing campaigns and shape customer behaviour for brands like Andrex®.

Richard Turnbull, business development manager for Parkside Flexibles, explains: “We considered alternative printers but the sheer capability, ease of use and low cost of ownership of the Linx 7300 made it the clear winner.


“Everything at Parkside is designed to ensure that each print job is produced to the highest quality standards – that means the equipment we buy, like the Linx 7300, has to be able to meet the high expectations our customers have.”

The Linx 7300 offers an exciting portfolio of features designed to help companies across a wide range of industries to reduce the costs of coding. 

Among its features are dynamically adjusted service intervals to ensure customers only pay for vital maintenance, the FullFlush® automatic printhead cleaning system, mistake-proof refills with the SureFill® system and error-free code changes with QuickSwitch® software.

Charles Randon, Senior Product Manager at Linx, says: “Running costs are critical to the purchasing decision for many companies. The Linx 7300 is specifically designed to address these concerns by keeping such costs to a minimum.”

Routine maintenance is minimal and, in contrast to other printers on the market, there are no expensive ink modules to replace. Similarly, there is no need to change the ink tank between services, another hidden cost with some coding equipment.

The Linx 7300 FullFlush® system automatically delivers the most thorough cleaning and drying of the printhead and conduit at every shutdown, reducing downtime. As a result, manual cleaning is typically only required once a month. Linx estimates that customers can gain up to one week of production uptime during the first year of installation, compared to a printer that requires daily cleaning.

Linx has provided an innovative SureFill® system to avoid the risk of refilling the Linx 7300 with incorrect inks or solvent, which can lead to expensive call-outs and repairs.

Coding errors are also reduced as the Linx 7300 incorporates QuickSwitch® software, which allows fast and easy code changes by scanning the barcodes on products being coded, or scanning barcodes on pre-printed job sheets.

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