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AJE group by LINX Laser 

Background : AJEGROUP - Just two years since openning the first plant in Thailand, which has already been upgraded to increase production by one-third, Ajegroup claims to hold 12% of the Thai market with the Big Cola brand, the brand it introduced when it started expanding in Mexico midway through the last decade. It has also added other products such a citrus punch and flavored soft drinks.

Thai Expansion - The group will inaugurate a second plant in Thailand, this time is the north, at the end of the third quater. The $17 million investment will allow Ajegroup to supply not only Thailand, but also Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and part of Indonesia.
AJEGROUP had been using a CIJ Ink Jet Printer from France company, But  wanted to adopt new technology in order to improve speed of marking and print quality. The Linx SL301 scribing laser was deemed to be a perfect choice because of its high speed, excellent print quality and low cost of ownership compare to CIJ Ink Jet Printer, which require the use of CO2 gas cartridges for operation.

Integration with the existing bottling line in use at the plant was a key concern for AJEGROUP, in order to save valuable space and to allow improved access to the bottling machine for operation and maintenance. Linx devised a set-up whre the laser is mounted vertically above the bottling machine. A shaft encoder is installed to prevent the speed variation and to deliver a sync print signal.

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