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Strength in depth as Linx showcasaes wide coding range to brewers
Coding and marking specialists Linx Printing Technologies is bringing a range of printing solutions to the International Brewery Convention that give brewers peace of mind in their coding operations thanks to low-maintenance, cost-efficiency, speed and high-quality coding.

Models on display include Linx’s latest products in Large Character Marking (LCM), laser coding, and Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) technology, reflecting the breadth of Linx’s expertise and innovation.

For Large Character Marking (LCM) applications, the launch of Linx’s new range of Large Character Marking (LCM) printers will provide brewers with a cost-effective alternative to the labelling of secondary packaging. 

Strength in depth as Linx showcasaes wide coding range to brewers

The range comprises the Linx IJ200 Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) cartridge printer, and the Linx IJ350 and IJ370 case coders.  All three offer a low overall cost of ownership thanks to reduced maintenance and downtime, excellent reliability and ease of operation.   Linx states that the return on investment is the best on the market.

The Linx IJ200 uses disposable TIJ printer cartridges, which are easy to install and change, as well as minimising printer maintenance and removing the need to purchase expensive ribbons or labels. 

For companies with higher throughputs, the Linx IJ350 (or its sister model, the IJ370) offers the ideal solution, with key innovations including a self-cleaning printhead with a patented recirculating system that avoids wasting ink and saves time ordinarily spent on ink purging procedures. 
The centrepiece of Linx’s laser offering is its Linx SL501 50W laser, a powerful, cost-effective and versatile coding solution ideal for the bottling industry.  The coder promises reduced running costs, proven reliability and flexibility in installation thanks to a standalone construction that does not require air or water for efficient operation. 

Installation is where the laser’s flexibility and ease of use really adds value, as the model is built to fit the production line.  Its range of lenses and beam delivery options means it can be manoeuvred into tight, hard to reach spaces.  Operation is equally clear, thanks to an intuitive interface, in the form of a Hand-Held Control Unit, which allows users to create, change and set up codes at the touch of a button. 

Linx’s most advanced Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printer, the Linx 7300, is also on display.  The Linx 7300 is designed to avoid the hidden costs of coding through the lowest possible running costs, minimised production downtime, error-free coding and future-proofing.

Amongst its features are dynamically adjusted service intervals to ensure customers’ maintenance requirements are based on the demands of their specific usage and factory environment,  the FullFlush™ automatic printhead cleaning system, mistake-proof refills with the new SureFill™ system and error-free code changes with QuickSwitch™ software. 

 “The brewing industry is a dynamic and innovative sector which requires coding solutions that are consistently reliable and match fast line speeds,” comments Duncan Potter, UK General Manager of Linx.   “Brewing companies in the UK who use Linx coding equipment have already saved thousands of pounds on their operating costs through downtime reduction as a result of our machines’ reliability.”

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