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Large Character Marking by LINX IJ200

Are you aware of the hidden costs associated with labelling or ink jet printing your outer cases? How much is your current system costing you?

The Linx IJ200 printer provides fast, clean, high quality printing, and with minimal maintenance or downtime, it is designed to avoid the hidden costs of coding, saving you money.

The Linx IJ200 uses thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology to provide clean, crisp text, graphics and barcodes. The simple cartridge-based ink system needs no maintenance, is quick to change and leaves no mess on your line.

Konw the product

Switch from labels to a Linx IJ200 large character printer and save your company £5000 a year!*

The Linx IJ200 case coder is based on thermal inkjet technology to deliver crisp, clean high resolution codes, such as text, graphics and barcodes.     It is Ideal for carton coding and other applications that require marking and coding onto porous materials, such as cartons, paper and secondary packaging.

The Linx IJ200 uses disposable, easy to fit cartridges and is simple to install and use with minimal production downtime. 

No hidden costs
• No expensive printhead repairs
• No filters to replace
• No factory air required
• No solvent to buy
• No ribbons to buy
• No training costs
• Minimal servicing required

Minimal production downtime

• No printhead cleaning required – instead the print cartridges are simply replaced with no mess
• Quick and easy to install, maintain and repair 
• No time wasted changing ribbons or labels

Versatile print capabilities
• Your existing label designs can be easily transferred to the Linx IJ200 using our Windows Printer Driver software
• High resolution printing of text, logos and barcodes – up to 600dpi
• Black, red, blue, green Ink colours for most applications
• Create codes either directly on the printer, or off-line and transfer to the printer by memory card

* Savings based on 600,000 boxes printed per year at 200dpi, including label
cost and downtime. Based on a typical code comprising alphanumeric text
and ITF-14 barcode.


Linx IJ200 Large Character Printer – specifications
• Prints high resolution text and logos up to 50mm high
• Print resolution ranging from 150 -  600dpi
• Line speeds of up to 120m/min at 150dpi

• Linx IJ200 message design software ‘CodeDesign’ – enables you to create your codes on a PC, then simply transfer to the printer via a memory card
• On-board message editor for creating simple codes
• Linx IJ200 Windows Printer Driver – enables you to use your existing label designs

Physical characteristics
• Choice of 2 printheads:  2 cartridge printhead prints up to 25mm; 4 cartridge printhead prints up to 50mm. 
• Choice of operating with 1 or 2 printheads
• Weight – 1.86kg
• Controller – composed of durable ABS and steel
• Printhead – composed of steel and aluminium
• Uses water-based inks in disposable cartridge form

 IJ200 data sheet by LINX UK

Versatile print capabilities by IJ200 high resolution TIJ printer 600 dpi by HP technology LInx IJ200 printer provideds fast and clean


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